What should (and shouldn’t) I bring to court?

DO bring a pad of paper/notebook and a pen to write down any important details you may need to remember.

DO bring any paperwork (traffic citation, paperwork) you may need for your court appearance.

DO bring your cell phone, but expect to have it set to mute or turned off while court is in session.

DO NOT bring weapons of any kind, including pocket knives and sharp instruments that could be used as a weapon (knitting needles, sewing scissors).

DO NOT chew gum in court.

DO NOT bring your camera, as most judges do not allow them.

Each judge has discretion over what is permitted in his or her courtroom, so be prepared to accommodate these preferences. If you wear a hat, a bailiff (officer of the court) or the judge will order you to remove it in the courtroom. Out of respect for the proceedings, some judges discourage reading books or magazines and texting or gaming while court is in session.

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